CT850 is Loaded in a Container

Contaniers carry goods between continents on ships in our small world. Sea transportation is the most advantageous way to transport goods from one port to another. First of all, shipping industry offers the most competitive freight costs for sea shipping. Especially, for over long distances. Secondly, heavy and bulky cargo can be shipped in a more secure way by sea. Finally, Ships provide the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation. They produce fewer exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than any method.
Sea freight have different mode of transportation.

A machine can be able to be carried either by ro-ro, or by container. Ro-ro carrying is much more efficient for a moving mobile machine. On the other hand, it costs nearly double according to containers. It is not as common as normal container carrying in sea routes. The most economical and faster sea transportation is carrying goods via container.

A mobile jaw crusher should be on a chassis to be able to move. Chassis means a certain height of the machine should be consumed to a void space. The top point of the loading of materials should be above the crusher inlet level. And the designer should not forget to integrate a wide and bulky bunker on it. The length of the machine should be no more than 12 meter. But, it should have an enough long conveyor belt. So, it may discharge the output far away than the machine to make a pile.


Evortle Machinery, and its affiliated company Beyer Machinery have worked together.

They conducted an R&D project to fit a jaw crusher into a 40’ HC Container. The final machine may have different operational dimensions. But, solutions have to be developed in transport dimensions to be in optimum values. Our design engineers have solved dimension problems of the new crusher. The walls of bunker are manufactured to move with the help of hydraulic pistons. The discharge conveyor belt is designed as foldable. So, it makes the chassis higher as much as it moves. But the machine should be lower enough to have some height between the tracks. Thus, the new jaw crusher has dimensions that can fit in a container. It meets the criteria of 12 meters in length and 2.60 meters in height. The result is an excellent engineering.

The machine was built at the last month of 2021. As seen in the video, CT850 is loaded into a 40’ HC Container successfully. It may begin its journey to its end user.

We congratulate all our R&D and production team for their marvelous success.

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