Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation technique has variable types of application. Firstly, it separates magnetic material from scraps
and unwanted substances. Also, unwanted metals can be removed from goods with this technique. Therefore,
recycling centres use magnetic separation.  Moreover, it keeps all materials pure. For this, it separates components
from metals, and purify ores. Overhead magnets, magnetic pulleys, and the magnetic drums were the methods used
in that sector. Secondly, it is also useful in mining iron as it is attracted to a magnet. Thirdly, in process industries, it
is used to remove metal contaminants from product streams. Especially, it has importance in food or parmaceutical
industries. Also, it is used in other industries: dairy, food, chemicals, oils, textile, and more. Magnetic separation is a
widely used process in today’s economy.

A magnetic separator is a device that uses a magnet in a magnetic separation process. So, magnetic separators
can be used before, during and after handling of a material. So, it can be adjusted to attract different magnetic
materials at different intensity levels. Magnetic separators can be ferromagnetic or paramagnetic. It can vary in size
from a table version to a large, heavy drum.

                                                                                                                                  On the CT850.

Magnetic Separation on the CT850.

How is a Magnetic Separation used?

A magnetic separator can be in the form of parts, a finished product or even a liquid metal. So, a magnetic
separator is characterized by;

To be an excellent machine to separate magnetic materials from concentrates.
Removes natural magnetic minerals. For example, magnetite, as well as steel filings.
Remove magnetic like gold concentrates, because it allows gold to recover much more easily.
Do you need a magnetic separator to separate non-magnetic materials from those that are magnetic?
Evortle Machinery gives its customers the priviledge of selection. You may add a magnetic separator
in your mobile crushers and mobile screeners, optionally. Please ask to your local dealer.

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