Mini Screen

Mini Screen is an economical and effective solution to separate soil and rubble. Mini Screen SB2419 may recycle your mixed materials into usable goods. Its dimensions and light weight makes it a perfect solution for your business. It may separate soil, rubble, gravel, asphalt, and any materials which need to be sieved.

A small loader can either spread the material on the screen or unload the stacks. SB2419 has two decks in its screen box. The fine material drops directly at the back of the screen. The oversize materials may drop in front of Mini Screen.

Oversize materials can be separated into two different stacks, too. SBC2419 model has a conveyor belt in front of the Screen. This conveyor belt carries middle-size materials into another stack near the Screen. Thus, SBC2419 can yield output in three different sizes. In fact, Evortle Screens have two models, with a conveyor belt as a difference.


Advantages of it

Using Evortle Mini Screen gives you several advantages. Firstly, it directly processes your mixed material into usable goods. Secondly, its easy transport and no setup saves your time to begin processing. Thirdly, its compact design needs little space either to store or to work. Finally but the most important advantage, with all those features, it reduces your costs.

Transportation is easy because of its lightweight and also its smaller dimensions. Evortle Screen has two forklift shoes to be lifted. Also, lifting eyes are available at top of the screen. 

Mini Screen is environment-friendly. No fossil fuels are needed; its power comes from the grid. Oscillation equipments minimize operating noise.

Changing its screen wire is so easy. So that, the Screen may sieve different material dimensions in a short time. Selecting a piano mesh wire, humid materials can be sieved also.

With these features, Evortle Mini Screen is an economical and long-lasting helper in recycling needs.

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