Mobile Crusher Maintenance

Mobile Crusher Maintenance

Mobile crusher maintenance, shortly, means practices to keep mobile crusher equipment operational. It involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary parts.

There are various types of Mobile Crusher Maintenance. Some are planned, predictive, condition-based and corrective. Now, all will be examined according to Evortle mobile crushers in the following paragraphs.

Types of Maintenance

Firstly, planned maintenance means holding scheduled controls and servicing. It is time based, i.e. can be daily, weekly or annual. Controlling torn parts, lubricating, cleaning bearings are examples of planned maintenance. Mobile crusher maintenance should be done time to time with a planned manner.

Secondly, predictive maintenance means estimating the time of the need of the mobile crusher maintenance. It is done to prevent unexpected equipment failures. For example, after daily controls, a worn plate is changed with the new one. Because it is predicted that the plate can be out of service soon. So, a predictive action is held before the malfunction.

Thirdly, condition-based maintenance can be held when the machine needs a complete renovation. Some parts should be changed. Engine should be controlled in terms of its performance. The machine can be added a new innovative specification, if available.

Finally, corrective maintenance is the compulsory maintenance after a breakdown. The machine has a fault to wok or some plates are worn totally. So, the machine should be stopped and those parts should be replaced. If machine goes on working in such situation, it may create a snowball effect.  Some other parts may be damaged and cause multiple damage. This type of maintenance is the most expensive one. The first three types should be followed in order not to face with it.
A good maintenance let the user having long-life in its crusher. To make it longer, Evortle recommends you to read maintenance part of the User Manual. Also, implementing the suggestions and warnings are crucial. All of them provides long-term use of the mobile crusher.

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