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Mobile Crushers

Mobile crusher combines all the equipment that needs to be found in a crusher facility. More than that, all are on a single portable chassis. The mobile crusher is designed to show high efficiency in mining, recycling, construction and aggregate processing. They are advantageous in short implementation times in the field.

There are several different types of primary crushers. The right one should depend on the material, input and output size, and the capacity required. Evortle products are jaw crushers in type and satisfy you in all those specifications.

A jaw crusher consists of a set of vertical jaws. One jaw is kept stationary and is called a fixed jaw while the other jaw called a swing jaw, moves back and forth relative to it. It has a pitman to enable the movement. Jaw crushers are heavy-duty machines and hence need to be robustly constructed. The outer frame is made of steel. The jaw plates are constructed from manganese-steel alloys for long life.

Evortle Mobile Crushers

Evortle Mobile Crusher is an excellent choice for primary jaw-crushing applications. Because, it can accept the most strength, hardest, abrasive materials. It can handle dry and unsticky wet material. Knowing the material characteristics may help you choose the best crusher.

Evortle product steals a march upon with its low maintenance costs, innovative designs and experience. Evortle offers unique and powerful solutions to its customers. Optionally, they have a Magnetic separator for the separation of ferromagnetic inclusions. Moreover, its performance is high in their class. It is using hydraulic actuation to drive the crusher box. Also, the material feed speed is automatically adjustable according to the mass. The width of the outlet is hydraulically adjustable from 20 to 100 mm. Evortle product can be run and controlled remotely. Maintenance and operation are easy and economical. Last but not least, it gives easiness to transport with a container.

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