Mobile Jaw Crusher CT850 is Tested

Mobile Jaw Crusher CT850 have been developed entirely with our own resources. It is a fully hydraulically driven, diesel powered mobile crusher. Our initial goal was a powerful and stable machine. This machine should also be able to fit in a container. After nearly two years of project-based work, the most compact mobile jaw crusher in its class has emerged. The next step was the testing phase.
Mobile Jaw Crusher CT850 has the ability to crush stone up to the hardness of granite. There is no granite mine close to our factory. However, 85 km away, near Şabanözü, there is a quarry that produces sand from gravel. The prototype machine was taken to the quarry for testing purposes. There, it was used as a primary crusher for breaking the river stone, one of the hardest stones. The result was a complete success. You can watch the video of our success at this link.
Mobile Crusher CT850 was constantly feeded by a loader throughout testing. It is decelerating or stopping the feeder when the crusher box is full. The specification was checked with the help of mass pressure on crusher. Besides large stones, it was observed whether the dust was thrown out through by-pass belt. The hydraulic folding and unfolding of the main and bypass belt were tested. It was observed that bunker walls raised up and down with hydraulic rams. Most importantly, the crushing process, which is the main function, was examined and evaluated. And all these steps were recorded with the camera. As independent observers of the test, members of the engine manufacturer accompanied our engineers.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Evortle CT850

Engine Test

Another purpose of the test has been grant warranty the motor on the CT850. The motor manufacturer of the machine made some measurements in order to do. Engineers measured the load and stability of engine under heavy duty in a grueling test. Engineers monitored engine temperature, cooling, fuel circulation, etc. during the tests. In addition, the electrical and alternator connections of the engine were checked. Evortle CT850 successfully passed these tests and was awarded with the engine manufacturer’s warranty.
Mobile Jaw Crusher Evortle CT850 returned to our factory on a truck, just as it went. Our Mobile Jaw Crusher made all our teammates feel the pride of successfully completing another test.

CT 850 is in a Gravel Field for Testing

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