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Mobile Screeners

Evortle Mobile Screeners is a mobile screening plant that can meet your grading needs. It may be used in different sectors successfully. For example, construction, aggregate, mining, food, landscape, etc. It offers the advantage of being a double-layered screen. It works with the forced vibration method to yield more output with a small screening area.

Evortle Mobile Screener is a user-friendly machine. It can easily move, be set up, and be controlled remotely. A single operator is enough to use it.

It has a fast set-up time and maneuverability. So, Evortle Screener is ideal for your projects in different locations. The chassis on the rubber wheel allows it to be towed. Wheel model is transported without the need for large vehicles. The tracked model can be moved by itself within the working area.

How does Evortle Screen Box work?

Material input can be done easily with an excavator, wheel loader or conveyor belt. Double deck screen box separates output into three different dimensions. They are ejected with the help of three different conveyor belts. All conveyor belts discharge the material in different sides of the plant. A separate calibration can be achieved with a bunker grid. It prevents the entrance of coarse materials into the screen with the slope-adjustable bunker. Moreover, it also helps preventing bulky materials which may damage the plant.

Evortle screen box has easily changeable screen wires. Evortle plants can be equipped with a magnetic separator, optionally. It allows metal parts to be separated from other materials and waste.

Hydraulic foldable conveyor belts enable the plants to be set up in less than 15 minutes.  They are gathered easily at the end of the work. This allows rapid location change and being ready for any task at different places.

Evortle focuses on users. So, Evortle products have high efficiency, low maintenance cost, and optimum benefit principles. Evortle product works in accordance with our commitment to minimize environmental damage.

Evortle Mobile Screener is your unique, easy-to-use, low-cost assistant in your business.

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