Padding Machine Story of PM 800

Padding Machine PM 800S is my name. I was born at Beyer Makine in Ankara in 2016. It was a component of Turkish design, which is kneaded with German Technology. My manufacturer intensely used Turkish labor and locally produced parts. I was born with four other brothers, all padding machines, from the same factory. Later, I began to work on an important project; Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project. It was abbreviated as TANAP.
This is a huge long pipeline project of 1850 km passing through Turkey. Pipes has been installed on 20 different cities from east to west. The aim was to transport the Natural Gas produced in Azerbaijan, to the European market. Also, Turkey has been benefited from that natural gas. That natural gas is used in heating, electricity production and clean energy needs. I actually worked as a padding machine in the pipeline installation of the project. I laid the soil free of all kinds of stones and similar materials. So, the pipes was protected while natural gas is going to be transferred. Our job was not as easy as it seemed. But padding machines worked with a pride and excitement. It has taken 3 years in day / night, rain / mud, hot / cold.


Renewal Time

Intense and weary work caused injuries to my joints and skin. Also, I had damages to my internal organs and years of fatigue in my feet. Do not look at how I was so fussy! Actually, I am still standing and healthy. I can still walk with the remote control. I see enough with my eyes to separate the stone and the soil. And I can do my job as a padding machine. But, like you, we need occasional vacations, to take ourselves away from years’ exhaustion. Spills caused by use and weather conditions should be repainted. My skews should be corrected, and some parts should be replaced.
Fortunately, Beyer Makina has been working in Ankara since 1988. Always ready to welcome us with a mother’s compassion, to care for us. They may replace our missing and defective parts. They work together with managers engineers, and subcontractors. Then I will be ready to work for a new project as a padding machine. No matter where my new place is in our beautiful World. I will continue to work with the support and awareness of Beyer Makina.

Padding Machine PM 800

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