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Recycling Plants

For a greener world, Evortle offers mobile crushing, screening and recycling plants into your service. It offers you solution-oriented for different environments and in diverse capacities in the recycling plants. Shortly, Recycling plants are facilities which processes materials for recycling. Evortle Recycling Plants may help you in recycling operations and waste management. So, the most important Evortle product as recycling plant is Water Separator WS1200. It turns contaminated rubble or gravel, mixed with plastic, wood or styrofoam, into recyclable goods. It may be used after your demolition projects. Additionally, it can be used in any operation with light and heavy materials. It separates heavy materials from light-weight ones to ease processing both outputs to re-value. Now, let’s describe how it is used.

How It Works?

Evortle Water Separator uses water’s buoyancy to separate materials. That’s why, WS1200 has two conveyor belts. Also, it has a water tank with a five cubic meters capacity. Its level automatically is controlled with a float valve. One of the belts has brushes to sweep the light materials floating over the water. Later, the conveyor belt discharges floating materials from one side of the plant. Heavy-material conveyor belt removes material that sinks to the bottom of the tank. Followingly, it discharges the sunk material out on a stockpile or on another conveyor. Both conveyor belts have brush drum cleaners to remove dust and garbage on them. WS1200 has many advantages to use.
WS1200 needs a minimal space to work, and it uses grid electrical power. Also, it runs at an optimal level to decrease operating costs and maintenance requirements. Therefore, the maintenance cost is quite low. Particularly, it just necessitates cleaning the tank by opening the valve at the basin when needed. Also, it needs greasing at the bearing houses for a longer life. Evortle Recycling Plants will be an essential part of your recycling facility.

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